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Wykrawany ze środka polędwicy wołowej - Chateaubriand Kraków Rynek


piece cut from the center of beef tenderloin

Chateaubriand is cut from a thick, divided into two parts of the end beef tenderloin. It does not contain fat, tendons or membranes.

Najlepsza część polędwicy wołowej - Filet Mignon Kraków Rynek

Filet Mignon

cut from the best part of beef tenderloin

Filet Mignon, extremely delicate, its weight is 200 or 300 g.

Dania z grilla - New York Strip Kraków Rynek

New York Strip

New York Strip, also called Club Steak, up to 2.5 centimeters. It is cut from the middle one part of the cow’s back. Muscle meat it is surrounded by a layer of fat and can contain rib bones.

Restaruacja z grillem - T-bone Kraków Rynek


T-Bone is a classic. Cut it from the back part of the ridge, and owes its name characteristic bone shape.

Mięso z grilla - Rib Eye Kraków Rynek

Rib Eye

Rib Eye - is a piece from the front of the ridge. Ideally suited to short frying. He’s in the middle of it become a muscle fiber that looks like it looks like an eye. Rib Eye steak is exceptional juicy and intense in taste, thanks to the fine fat structure.

Z przedniej części grzbietu - Tomahawk Kraków Rynek


Tomahawk is Rib Eye with an exception a long bone from the front of the ridge. This the distinctive form resembles an indigenous people of North America.

Stek z rumsztyku wołowego - Sirloin - rump steak Kraków Rynek

Sirloin - rump steak

Sirloin - rump steak, which is ideal for frying and suffocating.

Dania z grilla - New York Strip Kraków Rynek

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